The Process and Testamonials

We will meet for an unlimited amount of time in a local agreed upon setting—not a studio (usually 1 to 1.5 hours).  If possible, I like to meet in an outdoor setting or one that provides natural light.  I recommend that everyone planning to be in the photographs wear clothes that are neutral in color: gray, black or white all work well.  I also recommend that individuals stay away from patterns of any kind, for example: plaids, stripes or pictures on clothing.  Patterns detract from the faces and expressions these photographs are intended to capture. 

What to Expect--Children

I try to maintain a playful demeanor throughout the session so that the process is relaxing for your children, which makes it relaxing for everyone involved.  Each child has a unique spirit and when they feel comfortable with their environment, it gives them permission to be themselves.  Whether the child is silly or contemplative or both, a relaxed environment allows them to react naturally to the world as they see it.  I tend to use my intuition to guide the process, whether it be suggesting games or acting silly so that everyone laughs.  The pictures that evolve from this process not only serve as great reminders of how our children can be our own greatest teachers, but, if successful, the pictures are able to summon a depth of emotion in the observer who sees the truth of their child portrayed in the photographs.   Like Michelangelo, I believe the art already exists within the un-sculpted material and my only job is to reveal what is already inside. 

What to Expect—Animals

As an animal lover, I know how important it can be to capture this member of the family.  Animals are playful and majestic at the same time.  I try to stay in the background and capture the animal in motion or in stillness.  My goal is that when you view these pictures, they will always reflect how you saw your beloved pet in your own intimate world.

Thoughts on Photography

I love black and white pictures for portraits because of their ability to capture the soul of a person in an artistic way.  By taking the layer of color away, we can focus on someone’s expression and characteristics to a greater depth.

I love how color pictures capture children and animals, because the beauty we see in colored photos is a more exact reflection of the colorful world we see in our everyday lives when we open our eyes.  They are appealing because they reflect, more directly, life as we see it and experience it.

Overall, it is important to me that my photography is organic; not posed.  A sterile place leads to pictures that seem forced and unnatural.  People relate to their families and animals in a fluid, always changing environment.  Photographs taken in a similar manner depict the authenticity I believe my clients are seeking.  


“For a long time I have wanted to have my family photographed together, but I kept putting it off.  Then, I decided to give a photography session with Fabienne to the grandparents, it is literally the best gift we ever gave them.  My boys instantly liked Fabienne and she was very creative in getting them to laugh, but at the same time was very relaxed and let them set the agenda and offer up their own ideas for pictures.  We had a lot of fun.  We were also blown away by how well the pictures turned out, especially by how well she captured our children.  I find the pictures very touching because when I look at them, I see who they are as people.  I am thinking twice about paying for school photos again since they seem quite forced where Fabienne’s are so natural.” 

“Fabienne was wonderful to work with.  She put the entire family at ease during the sitting.  She managed the children’s energy well and best of all took fabulous pictures of our family!  Not only do we have a spectacular family photo, but we have multiple candid shots showcasing the individual personalities of each our kids.

Fabienne knows how to capture special moments on film and is a consummate professional with personalized customer service.  We will definitely use her for years to come ”